Build a telemedicine app
We can help you build a telemedicine app thanks to:
  • reusing existing solutions we have, and coding from scratch only those, which are unique for your system,
  • our engineers, who built similar projects before, have the proper experience and understand the industry,
  • compatibility with FHIR, HIPAA, HL7, HL7 v2, DICOM, and other medical standards, with which we are familiar,
  • helping you optimize the number of booked appointments, with well planned UX and UI.
With our help, you can successfully create a first working solution.
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HIPAA-compatible secure video and chat consultations
  • scalable video and chat engine
  • HIPAA-compatible - ensuring data privacy and security
  • a reliable solution, proven on many projects
Our remote conversation engine is ready to be deployed. With excellent audio and video streaming quality, the patients have a sense of being taken care of professionally.
Our expertise:
Our expertise:
Audio and video streaming require years of experience to get it right. At Vazco we built several live-streaming platforms, including highly demanding sports broadcast applications with minimum delay and large audiences of up to 25 000 viewers. With such high loads, we have tested a number of approaches and scenarios that can be quickly reused in telemedicine apps. We use state of the art technologies to offer a seamless experience to users, irrespective of the number of concurrent calls.
EHR, and secure storage of data
Our expertise:
  • protecting your healthcare data while meeting industry-specific security, privacy, and compliance requirements
  • we have our own Electronic Health Record system, we can also seamlessly integrate with existing ones
  • our systems are compatible with HL7, HL7 v2, DICOM and other industry standards
  • our data interoperability is compatible with FHIR and other HL7 Standards
With pre-designed databases and data-integration systems, the apps we build can become functional and are ready for testing. Skip the long analysis, and let’s get straight to the point.
Our expertise:
With data integration at the core of many of our projects, we have patterns in place to implement in telemedicine. One of the applications we built required us to coordinate the work of caregivers looking after patients in virtual care rooms. With large amounts of sensitive data exchanged on a regular basis, we made sure that the systems are secure and meeting national data protection regulations.
Appealing UX, your own branding
  • providing an intuitive interface and positive user experience
  • unique planning of your core features, which will distinguish you
  • your own branding can be integrated into the solution
  • focus on conversions and business goals
Clean, easy to use interfaces we assure that the user experience is positive. Especially in the time of illness, which is a distressing event, the application has to be easy to use.
Our expertise:
Our expertise:
We designed an online medical consultation application for an upmarket clinic in London. Time and cost were the two driving factors that our clients wanted to reduce in their patient appointments. We formed a hypothesis followed by concepts we could quickly put in front of people. We went through two waves of user labs and tested our prototype with 20 participants before releasing the MVP. From this point, it became a living organism, we were monitoring and tweaking, ultimately achieving satisfactory results.
A platform coordinating the work of caregivers from multiple organizations.
It's a case management tool for Healthcare Organizations that are growing quickly. The system is processing sensitive data from servers of the Australian government and meets all required Australian compliance specificaitons.The whole website was designed around a “care room” - a place where all information about an individual is stored. The care room contains schedules, planned services, and caregivers that are providing them, as well as information about an individual. We built a custom-made system, which makes sure patient data is fully anonymous, and not accessible to developers, and contractors from outside Australia.
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Online medical consultation application
Using video and chat to facilitate patient care.
The established clinic identified that making their patients visit for each consultation was inconvenient. We were hired to help eliminate their long travel times by allowing them to see qualified doctors remotely. With this product, patients could have their consultation with a doctor early in the morning, print their prescriptions, and pick up the medication on their way to work.
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Online medical consultation application
We’ll be happy to help you with our experience and codebase.
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