InfoKiosk with Self Check-In system for hotelsReplace your reception desk with self-service check-in kiosks and save money
Our Info-Kiosk and self Check-In System make it possible to turn a standard reception desk into a contactless one. Hotel guests will be able to use an intuitively simple self Check-In System around the clock, with no need to hire a 24/7 receptionist, which significantly reduces huge operational costs of providing a traditional reception desk. Besides, our system greatly increases the security of your premises. Unless authorized, no one will obtain a key or a room card. In a post-COVID era, it will become essential to limit any contact between guests and a receptionist as this will be a necessary condition, often required by law, for hotels to offer their services.
You are a hotel manager and are considering a Self Check-In solution?
System scenarios
The Info-Kiosk, located next to the hotel entrance, will successfully support or even replace a standard reception desk. With it, a guest will check in or out, make payments, receive a paragon or an invoice, and obtain a chip card to open their room.
card programmer/dispenser
paragon/invoice printer
payment terminal
touchscreen in a selected size/resolution
custom-designed case
Major features of the Info-Kiosk and Self Check-In software for hotels
100% custom-designed device
Every device we design will be created specifically for you, to fully cover your hotel's needs. Tailor-made solutions within your requirements and budget allow you to use the system's potential to its limits by optimally configuring its components.
Tailor-made software
The system operating as a receptionist will be optimized to your needs. We will seamlessly integrate it with the software you already use. Our software works with many HMS and booking platforms, like,,, and others.
Simple and intuitive interface
The system, as well as the hardware, are designed specifically to accelerate the check-in/check-out system while entering or leaving a hotel. Simplicity, velocity, and intuitiveness are the key features of the system.
System scenarios
Walk-in customer
A customer fills in a check-in form, selects a room, chooses with or without breakfast option, pays with one of the popular payment methods, eg. BLIK, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Revolut, then receives a paragon/invoice printout and obtains an on-the-fly programmed room card from a dispenser.
Walk-in customer
Prebooking customer, trivago and other solutions
A customer enters a booking number, pays with a card if the payment has not been made in advance, fills in a check-in form, and obtains an on-the-fly programmed room card from a dispenser.
Prebooking customer
Self Check-Out process
A customer presses "Check out" button and returns the room card. A thank you note is being displayed with an invitation to come back soon. And all that smooth and easy throughout, with no unnecessary queues.
Self Check-Out process
Process simplicity
  • replaces a reception desk
  • open 24/7
  • saves money
  • operated intuitively
  • sends paragons/invoices through e-mail
  • epidemiologically safe
Full service
  • walk-in customers
  • customers
  • customers
  • customers from other services and platforms
  • card payments
  • online payments
  • in-place payments
  • paragon printouts
  • invoice printouts
A step into the future of the hotel industry
  • modern design
  • customized project
  • high quality
  • remote control
  • limited hotel staff involvement
  • extra value for a customer
  • we’re focused on complex solutions
  • we integrate components into an intuitive and flawless ordering system
  • we work for industry leaders
  • we recognize the importance of design - and never forget how important the info-kiosks’ outlook is
  • we use tested and stable components
  • our devices are made up of miniaturized components so that their size is optimal
  • our simplicity-oriented devices operate flawlessly
  • we offer a variety of color shades and our devices are highly customizable
  • our solutions come with a great value-for-money ratio
We’ll be happy to help you with our experience and codebase.
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